32 Earth Science PowerPoints

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Utah Slots
Slot Canyons are narrow canyons with very steep sides that are especially common in the Navajo Sandstone of the Colorado Plateau. The title is a play on the fact that the state of Utah, unlike neighboring states, does not allow casinos and slot machines.

Glacial Legacies Of New York State
For those of us living in the 21st century, it may be difficult to think of a time when nearly all of New York State was covered by a sheet of ice nearly a mile thick. TAs you will see, the proof is in the landscape.

The Geology Of The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is arguably the deepest cleft in Earth's surface. A few rivers around the world have dug deeper than the Grand Canyon, but those canyons are not as long nor do they cut though a nearly flat plateau landscape.

Cool Imposters PowerPoint
This PowerPoint of 21 images shows land features that were clearly not made by glacier related processes. Yet, they might be interpreted as evidence of glaciation were they not found in an area that has experienced only tropical temperate conditions.

Rewind Clock To See Beginning Of Time
Goes back to show the beginning of time, when the universe was created.

Life Cycles Of Stars
Details the life cycle of stars.

Space Slide Show
A slide show that shows some interesting images of space.

Hurricane Katrina Powerpoint Presentation
New Orleans celebrated Mardi Gras six months after hurricane Katrina flooded about 80% of the city in September 2005. How much has the city recovered from this devastating blow (pun) and what will it take to bring the community back to a normal existence?

Hawaiian Shelf Collapse
Nothing like lava to get someone motivated. I put together a powerpoint showing current images of the collapse plus a few explanatory slides as well.

Earthquake Jeopardy Review
A review of earthquakes, faults, and seismic waves. I break the class in to 4 groups and have them form lines. After each questions is asked and answered, I have them rotate to insure everyone gets a chance to participate


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