11 Earth Science Quick Assessment Exit Tickets

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Exit Ticket: Sun's Apparent Path
This single page can be cut in half for a quick assessment, or "exit ticket". Students are asked to draw the sun's daily apparent path on a celestial sphere for an observer located in lower New York State on both equinox and solstice dates.

Orographic Effect Precipitation Formation
Students are asked to explain what processes are responsible for the formation orographic (mountain) cloud and precipitation.

Station Model Analysis
Students both interpret a model data, and draw their own. An answer key for this handout is at the website New York Science Teacher under the title, "Station Model Analysis Answer Key."

Station Model Analysis Answer Key
This is an answer key to the station model analysis exit ticket on the New York Science Teacher website.

Coriolis Effect Exit Ticket
Students have to describe how winds deflect differently in the northern and southern hemispheres. Then, students have to briefly describe why this phenomenon occurs on earth.

Topographic Maps - Contour Line Intrepretation
Students are required to match simple topographic map contour lines to their correct cross-sectional profile.

Earthquake P-Wave & S-Wave Questions
Students are required to answer questions on the behavior of p- and s-waves within the earth.

More Station Model Practice
Formative assessment for station model practice and weather concept reasoning

Low Pressure System
Ticket to fly on a low pressure system with two fronts extending from its center.

Exit Ticket: Determining Time & Rotation (North Pole View)
Students determine earthbound observers' local time based on a north pole view of earth's rotation with respect to the sun's rays.


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