4 Living Environment Supporting Documents

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Regents Vocabulary List
This is a list of words used on the Living Environment exam that may give students difficulty. These terms are not from the Living Environment Core.

Tropical Rain Forest IMAX Script, Puzzle, Definitions
1. Script of Tropical Rain Forest IMAX to assist in determining usefulness 2. Q&As during viewing 3. Crossword puzzle 4. Vocabulary Worksheet 5. Answers

Cells Jeopardy Review-Answer Key
Answer Key for "Cells Jeopardy Review" SmartBoard document. Be sure to check it over for material you have covered. Wild-Card is specific to my group of students, so you will want to change that.

Autotrophic/Heterotrophic Organisms And Their Relationship To Carrying Capacity, Dynamic Equilibrium And Limiting Factors
Students will create a concept map in class based on ppt notes in which they will demonstrate relationships between autotrophs, decomposers and the categories of heterotrophs. The project continues as students use pictures and captions as ide


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