6 Physics Worksheets

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The Physics Of The Holidays
Below is a scientific listing of some of the concepts of the holidays that many people, especially youths have accepted as true. Let take a look.

Pre-Physics Diagnostic
This is a formative assessment tool. The topics include units and unit analysis, scientific notation, signigicant figures and algebra.

Projectile Motion Web Quest
A simple webquest with links to great animations

Linear Motion Unique Graph
Includes simple speed calculations and a graph with an uncommon relationship. Offers students practice calculating slope and recognizing the physical significance.

Force Concepts Pretest
The questions included here were taken from an article Published in: The Physics Teacher, Vol. 30, March 1992, 141-158, by David Hestenes, Malcolm Wells, and Gregg Swackhamer.

Waves Vocabulary Chart
Students are given a wave vocabulary term, and asked to write it in their own words, and draw a picture to represent the word.