156 Earth Science Labs

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Air Pressure & Wind Speeds (in A Tropical Storm System)
Using data from Hurricane Ike students plot charts to understand the relationship of low pressue to storm severity

Ground Level Ozone
Objectives: differentiate between the good and bad ozone, locate the position in the atmosphere where the good and bad ozone reside, plot monthly ozone data and understand the ground level ozone effects on humans and plants.

The M & M (not The Rapper) Lab
Graphing lab using m & m's candies. Kids love this lab.

Oreo Moon Phases
Use this activity to enhance the understanding of the Moon's phases. Oreo cookies provide the information!

Determining The Density Of Different Things
Simple worksheet where the student calculates the density of different sized cubes. There are also some conclusion and practice questions.

Sun's Path
I tried doing this lab in a more open-ended, inquiry-based format. It may or may not succeed. Modify if you want to.

Density Of Fluids
Students will need to find the mass and density of four unknown fluids, given a 10 mL sample of each.

The Ellipse
Students draw and analyze two ellipses: Calculation of eccentricity; Understanding of range and significance of eccentricity; Compare eccentricities of drawn ellipses to planetary orbit eccentricities; Challenge component.

Seasons And Sunpath
In this lab, you will use a plastic hemisphere to represent the dome of the sky. You will need to imagine that you are at the center of the base of the dome. The border around your globe, where it touches the table is your horizon.

Design A Hiking Trail
Students work in a group to design a hiking trail system on a real topographic map using specific criteria. Project includes design of an informational brochure and completion of a data sheet.


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