20 Earth Science Notess

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Entire year of Earth Science course notes.

Earth Science Flashcards
These are based on the NYS Physical Setting: Earth Science Core Guide and the Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT). They cover the entire guide, with the exceptions.

Graph Introduction Notes
Provides a very basic overview of the different types of graphs.

Changing Environment Notes
Some introductory notes on the concept of change and the changing environment.

Density Notes
Concentration of matter in an object notes.

Field Map And Isoline Notes
Introductions notes on fields and isolines.

Latitude And Longitude
Introductory notes on latitude and longitude.

Size And Shape Of The Earth Notes
Some basic notes on the size and shape of the Earth and how we know it.

Mineral Notes
Introduction notes for a unit on minerals.

Climate Notes
Some basic notes on climate.


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