15 Chemistry Notess

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Lewis Dot Structures
System that uses dots to represent the valence electrons in an atom, an ion or a molecule.

Bonding Notes 1
Notes on chemical bonding.

Bonding Notes 2
Notes on chemical bonding.

Formulas Notes
Empirical Formula: the simplest formula that represents the whole number ratio between the elements in a compound.

Mole Notes
Guide Sheet for Moles Problems

Kinetics And Equilibrium Overhead
Kinetics and Equilibrium notes

What Is A Mole Ratio?
The mole ratio is a ratio of based on the balanced chemical equation.

Substitution Reactions
The replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms in a saturated hydrocarbon with another atom or group.

Combustion Reactions
Combustion reactions always involve molecular oxygen O2. Anytime anything burns, it is a combustion reaction. Combustion reactions are almost always exothermic.

Oxidation Numbers
The charge assigned to an ion or an atom in a compound or molecule. The sum of the oxidation numbers of all the atoms in the particle must equal the charge of the particle!


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