36 Living Environment Worksheets

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AIDS Graphing Worksheet
In this day and age, a very important life lesson for students. Provides students AIDS statistics for graphing plus questions for analysis.

Skin Cancer Graphing Worksheet
Provides students data on skin cancer cases, background on skin cancer and questions for analysis.

What You Absolutely Must Know To Pass The NYS Living Environment / Biology Regents
Everything you need to know in order to pass the regents. Provides a great review of the entire year in just a few minutes!

Cells Alive Packet
Packet to go along with Cells Alive website. Received from forgotten source on the Bioforum list serve.

Biological Molecules Organizer
Basic Carbs, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids chart. Probably should have an entry for "Naming conventions"

Respiration/Photosynthesis Organizer
Basic respiration and Photosynthesis organizer.

Photosynthesis Internet Activity
This is a great activity to introduce Photosynthesis. I use it with my 9th and 10th grade LE classes, but it could most certainly be used in middle school as well.

Natural Selection Of The Easter Bunny
This is a worksheet in which natural selection is applied to Easter Bunnies

Muscular System
Graphic organizer for the 3 types of muscle.

Muscular System Task Rotation
Thoughtful-Ed Style Graphic Organizer


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