20 Chemistry Labs

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Measurement Lab
Purpose: demonstrate accuracy and precision in data collection and analysis

Polarity In Covalent Bonds
Construct a compound diagram that is useful in describing polarity. Questions follow the activity.

Exothermic/Endothermic Reactions
Measure the changes in temperature in reactions and then determine whether or not the reaction is endo- or exothermic.

Using a Toppler game, students discover how atoms become unstable and decay.

Densities Of Solutions
Students see how density affects interaction of different solutions.

The titration of vinegar with NaOH using Pheonthalein as an indicator.

Accuracy And Precision
A lab script designed to allow students to determine the accuracy and precision of measurements using 3-4 different types of glassware used for volume measurement in a chemistry lab. I use this with my form 6 students (ages 16-18).

Junk Food Labs
This is a simple lab to demonstrate density columns; the cool thing is the students can drink their own project. Takes about half a period. I use special lab glassware that is used for EATING only, stored in a separate closet so no glassware may become

Seperating Mixtures
To separate a mixture using paper chromatography

Evidence Of Chemical Change
In this small scale lab students observe several different reactions in a test tube. Initial focus is identifying observations that indicate a chemical change occurred; also nomenclature, writing balanced chemical equations, identifying type


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