156 Earth Science Labs

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Topo Map Field Work
I use this lab to have my students construct topo maps on our campus. The students walk a trail, record elevations and then use those elevations to construct a topo map. Make sure that you choose varied terrain for the best effect.

Wave Properties Lab
This could be set up as a stations lab, with each of the outlined activities as stations. Students travel from one station to another with lab sheet, and discuss/respond to each question. Materials are fairly easy to collect.

Plate Tectonics Lab
5 different activities that teach 9th graders about plate tectonics

Sun's Path Lab Activity (Black & White Version)
B&W VERSION:This computer-based lab has students test their understanding of the sun's apparent movement (within an observer's celestial sphere) using a University of Nebraska interactive animation. Daily and seasonal changes are covered in this a

Candle Lab
Students discover the air is 21% oxygen.

Plate Tectonics
Lab activity : locating epicenters


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