170 Earth Science Worksheets

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How's The Air Up There
How does the atmosphere change with altitude? Students will obtain current upper air radiosonde soundings from the web. They will generate graphs and analyze them.

Coastal And Continental Temperature Ranges
Using climographs students plot locations using latitude and longitude, calculate annual temperature ranges, and relate unequal rates of heating and cooling to climate variations. Students construct and analyze climographs for two NYS locations.

Are You Kyoto Cool?
Students will use past year's data to determine their per person CO2 production within their household. Students will then devise ways for decreasing their production. *CO2 is a greenhouse gas *Burning fossil fuels produces CO2 *Students can mak

What's The Matter With Air?
Use the concepts of density and heat energy to explain observations of weather patterns, seasonal changes, and the movements of Earth's plates.

Should We Dam The Nanticoke
You'll be investigating what would occur if a dam were built along the Nanticoke Creek and what would be some of the positive and negative impacts this dam would have on individuals or towns.

Weighing And Determining The Average Density Of Earth
1. the Law of Gravitation, applied to the Earth System 2. density 3. experimental errors

Mercalli/richter Sheet
Handout primarily discussing the modified mercalli scale. Helps students understnad difference between magnitude and intensity

Contour Map Rules
This is a packet I hand out with rules of contour lines. I work through the packet with the students and draw each rule on the packet with the students.

Topographic Map Symbols
How to read the symbols found on topographic maps.

Dessert Review
A review activity that allows students to "pour on" the creativity and review at the same time. A great activity to break up going over regents questions!


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