37 Earth Science Supporting Documents

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Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air
How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco's Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science.

Hertzspring-Russell Blank Diagram / Graph
Blank HR graph.

Earth Science On A Shoestring
"Earth Science and Empty Milk Bottles; Small science for big results" Using empty plastic milk bottles for a variety of lab applications from funnels to rock sample organizers.

Earth Science Book Report
This project which brings more reading and writing into the Earth Science classroom. Included: Book list, Cover page, and Rubric.

Earth Science Calendar
One logical order of presentation of the NYS Core and an estimated time allocated for each unit.

Essential Labs
One person's idea of the most important labs and basic lab equipment you need to teach NYS Regents Earth science.

The Nature Of Science Narrative Report
A science lab written in essay format. View the report rubric.

Weekly Plan Sheet
This is a weekly plan sheet which contains a grid mapping out the entire week's lesson. Created for double period classes. Provide space for period 1, period 2, Aim, Do Now, and Home Work.

Tri-Week Plan Sheet
This sheet provides a planning worksheet for 3 weeks of a double period science class. Writing areas for periods 1 and 2 are provided.

Generic Textbook Summary And Question Answer Sheet
Worksheet can parallel work done in a textbook. Provides space for students to summarize the reading and answer a number of questions. This helps to ensure textbook homework is as relevant as possible.


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