155 Earth Science Labs

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The Big Dipper In 3D
Construct the Big Dipper and view this famous asterism from a galactic perspective.

In this lab, you'll construct 2 ellipses, and examine and measure them to determine some of the fundamental properties of ellipses.

Density Of Liquids
In this lab, you will make some observations of floating objects, determine the density of 2 liquids, and examine some real life applications of what you have learned.

Hurricane Tracking Lab
In this lab, you'll plot the path of the tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes that occur during the current Atlantic hurricane season in an effort to learn where hurricanes get their energy, where they go, and why.

Denstiy Of Solids
Students will be able to calculate the densities of different materials and recognize that density is one of the most important properties of matter.

The Egg Drop
Your objective is to predict what an egg would do when placed in a column of different density liquids. Will your egg sink to the bottom of your column, float to the top, or end up somewhere in between?

Virtual Field Trip To A Laccolith In Central Montana
This 30-45 minute activity allows students to explore Crown Butte, an interesting laccolith in Montana that exhibits fascinating examples of igneous geology. The experience helps students understand the role of the rock cycle in shaping of the surface.

Settling Rates
Students will investigate the effects of size, shape and density on the settling rates of objects. Students will use modeling clay and a plastic bead. Most of the "beads" will be created using the modeling clay.

Wall-Building Stones
Lab based on the the NIST Test Wall-Building Stones of the United States.

Drainage Exercises
Examine the drainage pattern of the United States and answer questions.


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