153 Earth Science Labs

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Station Model Lab
Through this lab you will learn to understand station models used in meteorology by coding and decoding a variety of stations.

Weather Analysis
Students will determine how weather variables can be used to predict the weather.

Hey Gumshoe
Investigate the change in mass of a pack of gum as you chew it over time. Have students compare their favorite brands.

Mineral Mining
Mining companies have frequently made the news in terms of the destruction they cause to the environment. However, because of the demand for minerals and metals, mining will continue to occur.

Planet Earth In Cross Section
Devise a model of the layers of the Earth to scale.

Flat Bottom Clouds
In this investigation students will form a cloud in a bottle, find the dew point and relative humidity of air at different places in the school and use a chart to estimate how high that air would have to rise to form a cloud.

Path Of Sun Across The Sky
This activity could be used within astronomy or weather and climate units.

Bedrock Correlation
In this lab you will correlate nine different outcrops from the area around Lake Cayuga to develop a complete 14 inch thick model of the rock layers (or STRATIGRAPHIC COLUMN) of the Devonian in that area. Modified from Nancy Spaulding's original.

Online Fossil Lab
Students explore an online fossil dig to find out more about the history of life on Earth.

Connecticut River Profile Lab By Steve Kluge
Use the data table provided to construct a profile of the Connecticut River from it's mouth to it's source.