6 Heredity and Genetics Files

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PTC Testing Activity
In this activity, you will taste a piece of PTC paper to see if you are dominant or recessive for the trait. You will use this information to predict the possible genotypes and phenotypes for your parents.

Punnett Squares - Dominant & Recessive Disorder
In this activity, students will use Punnett Squares to determine the genotypes, phenotypes, and percentages of parents and children with certain traits. Students will learn about 2 genetic disorders determine which parents are more likely to have a child

Punnett Squares - Eye Color
In this activity, students will practice using Punnett Squares to determine traits of children. Students will determine genotypes and phenotypes of parents and children, use percentages to show how often certain genotypes and phenotypes will be seen.

This activity evaluates the effect of different mutations on proteins. Words represent amino acids in order to make it more understandable.

How DNA makes protein
This activity takes students through transcription and translation.

Berry Full of DNA- DNA Extraction Lab
This is an excellent lab to begin a unit on DNA or Biotechnology. Students will be following a series of simple procedures in order to extract DNA from strawberries. Strawberries are polyploidy so they have enormous genomes, making them an excellent can


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