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A share-a-thon is a place where teachers can voluntarily upload their files for other teachers to use. When a teacher submits a file, it is catalogued and placed into a database. To view more materials from the topic above or from different branches of science click here.


Projectile Introduction
This is an introduction to projectile motion with some fantastic links to animations and videos form the Physics123 site.

Projectile Motion Web Quest
A simple webquest with links to great animations

Egg Target Lab
Projectile motion lab. Horizontal launch. Includes review of linear motion - acceleration on ramp.

Linear Motion Unique Graph
Includes simple speed calculations and a graph with an uncommon relationship. Offers students practice calculating slope and recognizing the physical significance.

Force Concepts Pretest
The questions included here were taken from an article Published in: The Physics Teacher, Vol. 30, March 1992, 141-158, by David Hestenes, Malcolm Wells, and Gregg Swackhamer.

you can't hit your teacher
angle projectile waterballoon lab

Right on Target
Conservation of energy ballistic pendulum projectile lab

motion in 2D
projectile lab using air lab


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