12 Motions and Force Files

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d=vt practice questions
Practice questions using the formula: d=vt

Velocity and Acceleration Practice Questions 1
Practice velocity and acceleration questions.

Velocity and Acceleration Practice Questions 2
Practice velocity and acceleration questions.

Energy and Motion Test
Test on some basic concepts of energy and motion.

Motion Forces and Energy Notes
Basic notes on motion, forces and energy.

Acceleration Lab
Simple lab on the cencept of acceleration.

Antacid Rocked
Using inquiry to conduct an experiment with film canisters and antacid tablets.

Speed IMAX
Review of Motion and Forces concepts. "This Is Jeopardy" is a game with questions related to the Speed IMAX movie.

Speed IMAX Script, puzzle, definitions
1. Script of Speed IMAX to assist in determining usefulness 2. Q&As during viewing 3. Crossword puzzle 4. Vocabulary Worksheet 5. Answers

Speed Notes
A powerpoint about speed.


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