13 Physical Behavior of Matter Files

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Physical Behavior
Physical Behavior of Matter Practice Problems with Answers and Explanations

Like Dissolves Like
Quick Worksheet on Solutions and Chemical Properties

Soluble or Insoluble
Practice with Reference table F

Matter and Energy Review
Outline of the basic topics on Matter and Energy. Based off of a handout I had my first year of teaching. I am unaware of the original author and do not claim to be the original author.

Topic 7 - Solutions Regents Review of Concepts
Solutions Regents Review sheet lists all key concepts for Topic 7 - Solutions.

Solutions - Molarity Comparison
This "Do Now" worksheet asks student to 1) outline a problem-solving approach and 2) calculate molarity for 4 given solutons and determine the most concentrated solution.

Densities of Solutions
Students see how density affects interaction of different solutions.

Surviving Chemistry: Matter and Energy Worksheet
Organized and engaging sets of Worksheet on Matter and Energy, with clear objectives for each set.

Ideal Gas Interactive Animation
I use this animation to instruct on ideal gases in chem and physics. Topics of partial pressure, absolute zero, mass dependent velocity, boyle,charles, avagadro, etc are good topics. Also stress the flaws which include the point masses have volume.

Matter and Changes: Easy-to-copy Interactive PowerPoint Notes
This 66 -slide PowerPoint notes is from my Matter and Energy topic. The slide presentation covers Types of Matter, Phases of Matter and Changes. Highly visual and interactive, yet, very easy for students to copy and follow.


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