Earth Science Animation, Video & Image Links

High School Earth Science Animations
This home page provides a complete listing of the resources you'll find on this site to go with your Earth Science text. Click the titles below to access a resource.

Earth and Space Science Collection
Over 200 media-rich resources and 20 lesson plans for K-12 classrooms.

Strahler Diagrams
Easily locate full-color diagrams and graphics of nearly any earth science topic with this convenient CD-ROM.

Geology Pictures for Presentations
Has tons of pictures covering all of earth science.

Earth Science World Image Bank
Resource for the purposes of enhancing Earth education.

Animations and Visual Learning Aids
Great site with tons of animations and other learning materials for visual students.

Earth Science Animations
organized around the sequence of topics taught in an introductory earth science class.

Earth Science Animations (FLASH)
Contains hundreds of different Earth Science FLASH animations.

Geology animations
Hundreds of geology and Earth Science related animations.

Earth Science Video on Demand (VOD)
Shows the physical processes and human activities that shape our planet.

Earth Science FLASH Animations and Visuals
Hundreds of different online interactive images of everything in earth science.

Digital Image Library of weather, climate, and Earth
Collection of photographs and illustrations of clouds, lightning, tornadoes, floods, storms, & more.

Solar System Interactive Animations
These Interactive offer a fresh and dynamic method to teach the astronomy basics.

Environmental Science Animations
Great animations on: Ecology, Population Ecology, Evolution, Physical Science, Plant Physiology

Astronomy Animations
Some very interesting astronomy related animations

Putting Animations in Power Point
Importing Flash files created with Mix-FX into Power Point is a snap.