Lessons, Labs, & Demonstrations

Earth Science Curriculum Suggestions
Contains links to selected labs, vocabulary, key terms and ESRT activities in each subtopic of Earth Science.

Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)
Great resource for every type of Earth Science material you can think of!

Searchable database of Web based lessons
Search for a lesson that fits for you best.

Green Pages
Interactive Earth Science notes.

Resources for K-12 Earth Science Educators
Downloadable lesson plans, educational information links, computer software, videos, & other teaching media.

Why is Earth Science important?
Major ideas in Earth and space science that are worth "uncovering" by middle school students.

Earth Science Explorer Transparencies
Electronic PDF files of the full-color transparencies can be downloaded for printing or viewing on-screen.

Earth Science Activities and Labs
Organized/categorized earth science activities and labs based on the New York State core.

Inquiring into Inquiry Learning and Teaching in Science
Why inquiry?, What does inquiry look like?, What are some issues associated with shifting toward inquiry-based practices?