Geologic Time Post Assessment Test

Questions 1-5 answer ‘True’ if you agree with the statement and ‘false’ if you disagree. 

1) Humans have been around as long as the earth has.                                  

2) Changes that occurred over the earth’s history were gradual and predictable.

3) Complex organisms gave way to simpler ones by a process called ‘de-evolution’.

4) The Geologic Time Scale is like a History Book from Social Studies, it gives exact dates to specific events.

5) Oxygen was present and directly responsible for the creation of the earth.

6) On a year scale of the earth, fill in the blank with what month the earth would have been created? _______ Fill in the blank with when would you have been born?________

7) Which evolved first: Dinosaurs or Humans?  Explain in the space below how we know.

8) How old is the earth? Circle the correct answer: A) 4.6 Billion Years  B) 4.6 Million Years  C)  4,600,000 Years D) 46,000,000

9) Was life occurring 2 billion years ago EXACTLY the same as today? Explain below why or why not?

10) Write below what you think is meant by the phrase ‘Change is the only thing constant’.  How is this related to the geologic time scale?  What about the history of the earth?

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