Just Submitted Earth Science Files

Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 501 files.

Percent Of Mineral Composition Of Igneous Rocks
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This worksheet utilizes the Scheme for Igneous Rock Identification of the ESRT's and allows students to practice calculating the percentage of each mineral found in a some igneous rocks.

Tri-Week Plan Sheet
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This sheet provides a planning worksheet for 3 weeks of a double period science class. Writing areas for periods 1 and 2 are provided.

Weekly Plan Sheet
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This is a weekly plan sheet which contains a grid mapping out the entire week's lesson. Created for double period classes. Provide space for period 1, period 2, Aim, Do Now, and Home Work.

Montana Virtual Field Trip
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Learn about the geology of a prominent plutonic formation in west-central Montana.

Latent Heat Lab
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Help students understand the science of Chinook Winds, microbursts, and hurricanes

ESRT "Highlighted"
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This is the back cover of the reference tables with a few highlighted boxes that can be moved around to direct attention to the mineral at hand.

Superstorm '93
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This power point is designed to show a sequence of infrared satellite images of the east coast from March 12th through the 14th, 1993.

Weathering Part 1
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Weathering halite to determine effect of particle size/surface area on weathering

ESRT For Smart Board
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Every individual ESRT chart/table on its own separate page. I would recommend opening the pdf version of the larger pages directly in Adobe (History, Interior of the Earth, etc.). Adobe is zoomable, Smartboard software is NOT so you won't lose details.

Earths Shape And Polaris
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Powerpoint presentation on earths shape and the north star.


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