Just Submitted Living Environment Files

Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 58 files.

Cells Jeopardy Review-Answer Key
Date Submitted: 2011-03-09
Answer Key for "Cells Jeopardy Review" SmartBoard document. Be sure to check it over for material you have covered. Wild-Card is specific to my group of students, so you will want to change that.

Cells Jeopardy Review
Date Submitted: 2011-03-09
Jeopardy-style Power Point review for a unit on cells. The file is best with a SmartBoard. More engaging as a review when students can get up and "select" their topic and point value. Answer Key is in a MS Word format. Don't forget to get it!

Diffusion In The Body
Date Submitted: 2011-01-28
This is a legal-sized foldable worksheet about how molecules diffuse in the digestive and respiratory systems and via the circulatory system to and from cells. Shows alveoli, villi, and capillaries. Careful when copying back to back; do one copy first!

Connections Between Body Systems
Date Submitted: 2011-01-28
This is a simple diagram that ties the functions of the respiratory, circulatory and digestive system with the needs of a cell. Can also be used to review the diffusion of molecules (amino acids, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.)

Levels Of Organization
Date Submitted: 2010-09-16
Simple way to have students define terms for levels of organization (cell - tissue - organ - etc.) without simply defining words on a paper. Students define the term, give an example, and draw the example. Cut out and shuffle the deck before passing out

Is It Alive Campus Walk
Date Submitted: 2010-09-11
Take the students on a walk around campus and let them identify living, non living and dead things

Berry Full Of DNA- DNA Extraction Lab
Date Submitted: 2010-03-02
This is an excellent lab to begin a unit on DNA or Biotechnology. Students will be following a series of simple procedures in order to extract DNA from strawberries. Strawberries are polyploidy so they have enormous genomes, making them an excellent can

Naming The Blood Vessels
Date Submitted: 2010-02-11
An illustrated worksheet to name the arteries.

Global Warming Activity (Inquiry Based)
Date Submitted: 2010-02-11
A small inquiry-based activity to demonstrate global warming.

Tropical Rain Forest IMAX Script, Puzzle, Definitions
Date Submitted: 2010-01-04
1. Script of Tropical Rain Forest IMAX to assist in determining usefulness 2. Q&As during viewing 3. Crossword puzzle 4. Vocabulary Worksheet 5. Answers