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Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 96 files.

Significant Figures
Date Submitted: 2015-02-15
When you are making a measurement there are always a certain number of known or certain digits. The known or certain digits plus the first unknown Digit is referred to as the SIGNIFICANT FIGURES.

Date Submitted: 2015-02-15
What Matter Is, Mass vs Weight, Three Phases of Matter, Classification of Matter, Matter Summary, Chemical Physical Changes, Chemical Physical Properties

Lewis-Dot PPT
Date Submitted: 2015-02-14
This a brief guide for writing Lewis Dot Structures, it was done using PowerPoint.

Atomic Structure
Date Submitted: 2015-02-12
An introductory PowerPoint on atomic structure.

Seperating Mixtures
Date Submitted: 2014-09-07
To separate a mixture using paper chromatography

Chemistry Core Curriculum Guide
Date Submitted: 2014-06-02
The Physical Setting/Chemistry Core Curriculum has been written to assist teachers and supervisors as they pre-pare curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the chemistry content and process skills in New York State.

Practice Questions For Periodic Table
Date Submitted: 2014-03-10
Multiple choices practice questions.

Junk Food Labs
Date Submitted: 2013-11-22
This is a simple lab to demonstrate density columns; the cool thing is the students can drink their own project. Takes about half a period. I use special lab glassware that is used for EATING only, stored in a separate closet so no glassware may become

Matter And Changes: Easy-to-copy Interactive PowerPoint Notes
Date Submitted: 2013-04-24
This 66 -slide PowerPoint notes is from my Matter and Energy topic. The slide presentation covers Types of Matter, Phases of Matter and Changes. Highly visual and interactive, yet, very easy for students to copy and follow.

A Review Of Atomic Structure And Periodic Table
Date Submitted: 2013-03-04
This is a very clean, clear, and easy-to-understand review of the atomic structure and periodic table concepts, with hundreds of Regents practice questions.


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