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Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 473 files.

Google Earth Lab
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Attached is a lab and a Google earth file. They teach the different types of landscapes and stream drainage patterns. The Google file needs to be loaded onto the computers in order to do the activity.

Creating Google Earth Tours
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
The following .pdf document describes, roughly, the procedure used to create the GE tours (.kmz files) that are being shared in this forum.

Google Earth Project
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This is a project that I threw together during our winter Regents week. It's a project that has the kids create a Google Earth tour of a specific type of landform or of an area of geologic interest.

Google Earth Manual
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
I've put together a manual to serve as an introduction for Earth Science teachers to the Google Earth program. I include basic information (how to navigate, etc) and more advanced information such as how to construct tours and create image overlays.

Temperature/Luminosity Chart
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Temp./Luminosity Chart- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Temperature/Luminosity graph in the Reference Tables.

Rock Cycle Powerpoint
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Rock Cycle Powerpoint- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Rock Cycle Chart in the Reference Tables.

Plotting Epicenters
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
The data below shows the P- and S-wave arrival time difference determined from seismograms from three different cities, for three different earthquake events. Use your travel time curve to determine the distance to epicenter for each city/earthquake.

NYS Landscapes By Drew Patrick
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Students use page 2 + 3 of their Earth Science Reference Tables to answer questions about New York State Landscapes.

Metamorphic Rocks
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
An introduction and intended to familiarize students with using their ESRT for metamorphic rocks. Should be followed up by an identification laboratory.

Earth's Interior Powerpoint
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Earth's Interior Chart in the Reference Tables.


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