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Date Submitted: 2012-04-04
The titration of vinegar with NaOH using Pheonthalein as an indicator.

Determine Unknown Elements
Date Submitted: 2012-03-22
Students act as if they are Mendeleev guessing at unknown elemental properties. Using properties of the general groups (metal, nonmetal, metalloid) students see how Mendeleev predicted these so well.

Densities Of Solutions
Date Submitted: 2012-03-22
Students see how density affects interaction of different solutions.

Date Submitted: 2012-03-22
Using a Toppler game, students discover how atoms become unstable and decay.

Exothermic/Endothermic Reactions
Date Submitted: 2012-03-22
Measure the changes in temperature in reactions and then determine whether or not the reaction is endo- or exothermic.

Polarity In Covalent Bonds
Date Submitted: 2012-03-22
Construct a compound diagram that is useful in describing polarity. Questions follow the activity.

Organic Functional Group Game
Date Submitted: 2011-05-01
Students will draw cards that conatin alkanes and functional groups. Students will have to make compounds using the cards and score points to win based on which functional groups they use.

Fireworks Chemical Reactions Worksheet
Date Submitted: 2011-04-15
Balance these reactions involved in fireworks displays.

Limiting Reactant Activity
Date Submitted: 2011-03-13
Students will make models with nuts and bolts to determine which material is used up first. This is a great way to introduce limiting reactants. This activity was adapted from the Holt Chemistry Book.

Solutions - Molarity Comparison
Date Submitted: 2011-02-10
This "Do Now" worksheet asks student to 1) outline a problem-solving approach and 2) calculate molarity for 4 given solutons and determine the most concentrated solution.


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