Earth Science Links

Below is a listing of peer reviewed science links. These links all come highly suggested. Some are better then others.

Topics include: motions of celestial objects, constellations, models of sky, apparent motions of sun and stars, angle of the sun, vertical rays, phases of the moon, eclipses, tides, geometry of orbits, gravity, heliocentric & geocentric models, plants, solar system and evolution of universe.

Topics include: describing weather, measuring wind, weather variables, weather changes, cloud formation, precipitation, synoptic maps, weather prediction and natural hazards.

Topics include: observation & measurement, shape of the earth, locating positions on earth’s surface, fields, and mapping.

Topics include: graphing

Topics include: density

Water Cycle & Climate
Topics include: Water cycle, water in stream flow, insolation, radiation, water budget and climate.

Rocks & Minerals
Topics include: special properties, classifying minerals, igneous, sedimentary & metamorphic rocks, and natural resources.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics
Topics include: what causes earthquakes, earthquake waves, earthquakes and volcanoes, earth’s changing crust, plate tectonics, growth of continents, and evidence supporting plate tectonics.

Earth's History & Geologic Time
Topics include: sequencing events, law of super positions, correlation of rock strata, geologic time scale, evolution of life, radioactive dating, and geologic maps.

Anything that could not some how fit into the topics above, but it directly related to Earth Science somehow.

Regents Preparation
All regent review materials can be found here.

Surface Processes & Landscapes
Topics include: rock weathering, erosion, transport, soil formation, transport of weathered material, deposition, landscape characteristics and factors influencing landscapes.