User Submitted Science Misconception

Elementary Science (grades K-6)

Mike Stevens Stronger organisms have more energy.

Physical Science (8th grade science)

Mike Stevens All metals are attracted to a magnet
Quibie Mass and Weight are the same thing.
Diane You can touch a rainbow
Mickey Daniell Steam and Water Vapor are visible.

Earth Science (Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology)

Kitthen Wong The sun is the same size as the moon.
Chris Sheehan The moon changes size in the night sky.
Brad Levering At the same temperature, warm, humid air is heavier than warm dry air
Brad Levering Earthquakes are rare events.
Brad Levering Deserts have virtually no living things.
BAW The earth is closer to the sun in summer so that is why we have the warm season of summer. The earth is actually closer in winter. Seasons are due to the tilt of the earth's axis as the earth revolves around the sun.

Biology (Living Environment)

Patricia Smith Dinosaurs and cavemen lived at the same time.
Mark Chipkin Placing TickleMe Plant Seeds in boiling water before planting will kill the seeds and prevent or reduce their germination rate
Dawn E. Lilenfeld-Saada Human blood is NOT blue until it mixes with air. Human blood is never blue- it is RED! There are no such things as Blue Blood Cells!
Chris Sheehan A nail placed in the side of a tree will increase in vertical height above the ground as the tree grows. This is INCORRECT. The nail will actually remain at the same height above the ground for the entire life of the tree.
Amy Hunt students believe that all plankton are photosynthetic


C. McCarthy Gases are not matter because most are invisible.
oil state of matter
Douglas Hainline All non-compounds are like mixtures of salt and pepper.
Haji Mughal People say that fourth state of matter is plasma
Clayton Hogan Water is a charged molecule. In fact water has 2 partial positive charges, 1 partial negative and water itself is a Non-Charged Neutral Molecule.


C. McCarthy Electrons change into light when a lamp is turned on.
Douglas Hainline There is no gravity in space.
Douglas Hainline A bullet shot horizontally from a rifle will not fall to the earth as fast as one simply dropped from the same height as the barrel.
Jeremie Electrons move at the speed of light when a light is turned on.