24 Chemistry PowerPoints

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Chemistry Regents Exam Interactive Jeopardy Review Game
With this highly interactive Jeopardy game, you can add a bit of fun and excitement into your review for the Chemistry Regents, Final, and Midterm Exam. Your students will enjoy interacting with and competing against each other, while also reviewing and l

Matter And Changes: Easy-to-copy Interactive PowerPoint Notes
This 66 -slide PowerPoint notes is from my Matter and Energy topic. The slide presentation covers Types of Matter, Phases of Matter and Changes. Highly visual and interactive, yet, very easy for students to copy and follow.

Atomic Structure
An introductory PowerPoint on atomic structure.

Lewis-Dot PPT
This a brief guide for writing Lewis Dot Structures, it was done using PowerPoint.

What Matter Is, Mass vs Weight, Three Phases of Matter, Classification of Matter, Matter Summary, Chemical Physical Changes, Chemical Physical Properties

We must define what it is we are going. To measure we must establish a standard. We must develop something to compare to the standard.

Forms, kinds, phases diagrams and PE diagrams.

Periodic Table Of Elements
Overview of the entire periodic table from beginning to end.

Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structures
Complete overview of chemical bonding along with a detailed explanation of molecular structure.

Formula Writing, Naming Equations And Balancing
Provides rules and practice along with several illustrations to assist with formula writing, naming and balancing equations.


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