171 Earth Science Worksheets

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Magic Squares- Rock Cycle Vocab
Great intro to rock/rock cycle vocab. Students can check their work with simple math. Each column, row, & main diagonal each add up to 15. Give this sum for lower level students; don't for higher levels. Can be used for any vocab!

Earth's history exam

Earth's history exam

Basic Concepts Worksheet
Earth Science chapter 1 basic concepts worksheet

Overlay ESRT Pg2 On Pg3
Overlay of Landscape boundaries(pg2) on NYS Geology map (pg 3) I have my students use collored pencils to shade the different landscape region types and then the Rivers and Lakes.

The Great NYS Race
Students compete against each other while using their Earth Science Reference Table to determine locations in NYS. I used coordinates for each city from previous Regents exams. Have fun.


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