15 Basics of Biology Files

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Glue Monster: Living vs. Nonliving
This is a little neat demo for the glue monster activity. You simply place some duco cement into a Petri dish with some water. The acetone reacts with the water and causes the glue, a.k.a., the monster, to move around the dish.

Measuring Yeast Respiration
This lab, using relatively simple and readily available lab equipment, is designed to determine whether the amount of sugar (sucrose) available to yeast cells affects the rate at which they carry out respiration.

Egg Osmosis Lab
I like this lab in spite of the repetition of some concepts contained in the Diffusion Through a Membrane Lab. I save that one for later in the year, closer to the exam date.

Cells Alive Packet
Packet to go along with Cells Alive website. Received from forgotten source on the Bioforum list serve.

Biological Molecules Organizer
Basic Carbs, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids chart. Probably should have an entry for "Naming conventions"

Respiration/Photosynthesis Organizer
Basic respiration and Photosynthesis organizer.

Photosynthesis Internet Activity
This is a great activity to introduce Photosynthesis. I use it with my 9th and 10th grade LE classes, but it could most certainly be used in middle school as well.

Cell Organelles and Their Cellular Processes
Table that can be used to review cell organelles and their functions.

Toothpicks and Enymatic Reactions
Students play the role of enzymes, toothpicks are the substrates. This lesson demonstrates how the rate of reaction is dependent on the concentration of enzymes. It may seem silly, but they will remember it forever!! Arrange students in groups of 6, 5, 4

Lab Format Worksheet
This worksheet will help students learn how to put the different parts of a laboratory report in its proper order.


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